With Clarity Holistic Psychotherapy

When we think of our mental well being, we often put this on the back burner and continue on with our day.

Doing this denies our very existence, believing it does not matter. Continuing to do this means we are blind to who we are, and what we need to help us reach our full potential of existence.

With guidance, help and understanding, you can bring back your mental health, and own who you are, so that you can thrive in your own space With Clarity.

With Clarity Holistic Psychotherapy Perth

Hi I'm Sarah

I am a holistic practitioner with many years of mental well-being knowledge to guide you back to who you are. I am a credentialed mental health nurse and psychotherapist, and my goal is to guide you back to your path of potential.

Mental Help - Holistic Psychotherapist Perth

How I Can Help You

The goal of Holistic psychotherapy is to create a fuller integration between the mind, body and spirit, and to accomplish the deepest level of healing possible. Below are some of the techniques I will use.

Transactional Analysis

We will address your relationships and interactions to establish and reinforce the fact that you are valuable and have the capacity for positive change and personal growth.

Narrative Therapy

I will teach you how to be the “narrator” in your own story. To separate yourself from your problems by encouraging you to rely on your own skills to minimize the issues that exist in your life. 

Therapeutic Interventions

I will help connect you to your inner child, so that you feel held and understood, and help build a Nurturing Parent Aspect within you so you can be free of self-sabotage.

Why Choose Holistic Psychotherapy?

Because it works! Holistic psychotherapy matters for your:

1. Personal Growth

When you understand how personal change depends on changing the brain, you can utilise your innate ability to heal emotionally, to adapt to change, and to create the life you want.

2. Mind-Body Health

Chronic stress and anger cripple your immune response leading to poor physical health. My therapy techniques can help to reduce the volume of your stress and recalibrate your body’s response to this. 

3. Spiritual Life

I will help you to see the benefit of raising your vibration, the inner energy signature of your cells at a molecular level, so you can become skilled in how you resonate with others and begin to steer your path in a positive direction.

Personal Growth, Mind & Body Health, Spiritual Life

Let’s Talk!

I would love to chat with you about all the ways I can help. I will be there to walk with you on your path of change. You can reach me on 0401 977 807, or please send me a message below. I look forward to speaking with you.